Thursday, 2 July 2015

Mexico City: The Mexican City with most Contemporary Metro Service

Mexico City is the capital city of Mexico and the seat of federal powers though it is not the part of Mexican federation as a whole. It is the largest city of Mexico and also a hub of country’s finance, economy, culture, and education. Mexico City is also famous as Alpha Global City in the America due to its most vital role in region’s financial sector. With 21.1 million population, Mexico City is the largest city in the western hemisphere and a Spanish-speaking world. It is city of lively nights, pulsating days and thrilled evenings where anyone can immerse and baptized.

To travel around this astonishing city, one must have ample time and accurate information about the transport options in Mexico City. To accomplish this goal, the city is offering numerous ways to travel including, buses, taxis, trains and private car but among all, Mexico City Metro is the most reliable and affordable one. The Mexico City metro is commonly called STC and providing metro services to the metropolitan area.  This metro is the 2nd largest metro service in North America behind New York Subway. According to facts, the metro network is handling 1.609 billion passengers annually which placed it among 18th highest commuter ship in the world.

Metro line was 12.7 km long at the time of inaugural in 1969 with 16 stations only, but the system underwent much expansion with the passage of time. Now the metro service has 12 lines, 195 stations, and 226.49 km area which has covered by its lines. Ten out of 12 lines are rubber tyred which is considered best to cope the uneven soil of Mexico City. The STC Metro is using 24 stations out of 195 for two lines only. It also has 115 underground stations in which the deepest one is 35 meters.

All the lines of metro service are operating from 5 am to midnight. Line 12 was built under the expansion plan of metro service, started by the Federal District In 1930. All the lines are also working exclusively and providing one service at one time only and each line has an assigned color and name. Every color shows assigned map, logos, and signs. Stations are also identified by specific logos that matched it with area name or its surrounding. It is stated that a large number of Mexican population cannot read or write, so the patron of colors, symbols and signs help them a lot during traveling. Even for a traveler, who is coming Mexican city for the first time, can take a guide from these colors, logos, and signs. Easily book online for Mexico City airport shuttle for safe and affordable transportation.
In short, Mexico City is well served by a remarkable Metro Network that is equally beneficial and feasible for local foreign travelers both.

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